GROTTA Granular Texturizer


    Grotta is Max4Live device developed to creatively work with the Outer Fields sound libraries. It’s an audio effect implementing a real-time granular synthesis algorithm using a multi-voices audio scanner that creates a constant stream of destructured crossfading sections of the input sound source. Pitch, size, windowing and density of each grain can be modulated to create a deep variety of sound processing with an additional blurring effect provided on-chain to generate vast and dense soundscapes.

    • Anthony Palomba's icon
      Anthony Palomba's icon
      Anthony Palomba
      Nov 29 2021 | 7:58 pm
      This is fantastic! You just hit my drone button, I had to purchase it.
    • andrej's icon
      andrej's icon
      Dec 01 2021 | 8:31 am
      Looks intresting. Anyway it looks like that the site does not work. Just to let you know.
    • Daniele Fabris [ LEDEN ]'s icon
      Daniele Fabris [ LEDEN ]'s icon
      Daniele Fabris [ LEDEN ]
      Dec 02 2021 | 4:05 pm
      thanks @andrej ! the website has been restored.