I recently discovered that, while it is possible to map the Max for Live LFO device to Ableton Live's global tempo, doing so results in no audile change to the tempo despite the number changing visually. As such, I made gtm.tempoctrl, which affords a variety of ways in which to automate global tempo transitions in Ableton Live.
    Version 1.01 introduces ability to unlink start tempo from Ableton Live's global tempo, allowing it to be modulated/automated.

    • Jan 02 2021 | 9:11 pm
      Hi George awesome patch. I am looking for a partner to develop at least one installable standalone commercial application for non-musicians users. For the meditation music market. We divide the profit from sales 50%, I would take care of the sound design. I currently have a sales channel on Fiverr and we would open more channels. (photo: One of the many instruments in the collection) Would you be interested?