Guernica Interactive Projection

    Guernica Installation : An Interactive Projection by Liza Seigido

    Saturday November 10, 2018 was the Florida Premier of Fredrick Kaufman's Guernica Piano Concerto, which took place at FIU's Wertheim Performing Arts Center. In honor of her former professor's special event, Dr. Liza Seigido built an interactive projection featuring Pablo Picasso's Guernica. As viewers approach the Guernica projection, they are essentially integrated into the painting. A webcam mounted onto the installation structure senses the motion of viewers. When movement passes a certain threshold, which is determined by a simple counter, Max triggers the processing of the video feed from the webcam, and makes the background of the Guernica projection transparent. The processed video from the webcam is composited behind the Guernica projection. RGB values from the processed webcam feed are matched by colored pools of light produced by DMX stagelights that communicate with Max via the DXMIS VST plugin and hardware interface.

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