Half A Worm app

    As part of the release of Arthur Brick's new album, we decided to create a standalone app that takes all of the tracks from the album, and randomly loops and alters them each time it is opened to produce a variety of noise/drone/ambience/electronica. The concept being that the parameters of an album are quite rigid and inflexible. With the app you can create a new version of the album every time you listen to it, and shift those boundaries and limitations.
    The controls in the app are simple, and there was a choice to restrain them to track level and some tone and tremelo type effects, to keep the focus on finding the vaguely recognisable.
    The new MC system in Max 8 plays a big part in the sound design of the app, it really is an amazing new feature! Special thanks also goes to the Advanced Max: Standalones tutorials by Timothy Place.
    The app is bundled in with the album download (https://arthurbrick.bandcamp.com/)