Halved Arpeggios

    Max For Live MIDI 8-step sequencer aimed to light up inspiration. Half of the notes are input by the user, the patch generates the remaining ones. The user can input up to four simultaneous notes, that are spread over the first four steps of the sequence. In order to do so, the notes must be pressed and hold at the same time, like the usual procedure for arpeggiators. Any note added beyond the fourth one will be spread starting over from step 1 to 4 (i.e. notes 5-6 are going to replace notes 1-2). In the current version, generated notes are based on relative one-octave major scale of the correspondent upward input note (note value in step 1 will be the root note of the major scale from which the patch will create the note for step 5, note value in step 2 for step 6, and so on...). The small toggles near the note indicator turn on/off the correspondent step. The user can also change notes manually by dragging the mouse up and down on the desired value.