Harbour is a generative ambient music application to soothe your soul. Design for times when you want some sound to dream to, or to make intrusive environmental sounds more musical.
    Completely synthesized from scratch, the project uses a bank of sine waves in harmonic series which can be tuned to any dominant frequency in your environment. It makes nearby roads sound quite lovely.
    Some carefully sculpted pink noise and some resonant filters mimic waves upon the shore, and when night time comes there is a little extra added to the mix.
    The aim was to create a visually stimulating soundscape, which allows the listener to examine the nature of the sounds themselves. But you'll have to hear it for yourself to evaluate its success.
    Built entirely withing Max6, Harbour is available as a standalone app for Mac OSX, which can be downloaded from the website at heartscapeaudio.com
    A windows version will be available in the next few weeks