Hear The Rainbow : An interactive, sensory, sonification system.

    Hear The Rainbow

    Max was used to communicate over serial with an Arduino UNO and the connected RGB Colour Sensor. All incoming data was processed and synchronised through max, hence, allowing for the sounds to be processed in real time. Jitter is used to analyse the room's lighting conditions and allow the system to run within two states - night time and day time. The GUI and colour reactive paint bubbles were also built within max before the project was then compiled into a Mac Os Application.

    • irvn
      Nov 26 2015 | 12:30 am
      My own project involves a camera, and extracting the RGB complements to trigger MIDI notes for any of nine zones.. I am using dancers & their coloured clothing as user interface .. Yours (especially the HSV part) sounds much more intriguing, pun intended
    • Matej Kovacic's icon
      Matej Kovacic's icon
      Matej Kovacic
      Aug 14 2020 | 1:22 pm
      I work with BioSonification projects and Ultra/Infra Recordings. I like the project of Sophie, but I worked some months ago also with forms, which are transduced into MIDI Notes.
      Congratulations Sophie for your system and work! I appriciate it a lot!
      Regards, Matej