Her Image In Focus (feat. Kathrin deBoer) Official Music Video

    Asta Hiroki - Her Image in Focus (feat. Kathrin deBoer) [Official Video]

    The project was to produce a promotional music video that blended a variety of different arts disciplines to create an interesting and visually stimulating piece with elements of dance, videography, custom effects coding and traditional paintings to accompany the music. The piece is centred around dance choreography that was filmed and then masked to allow for alternative images and video to be layered on both the dancer forms and the backgrounds.
    3 custom MAX/MSP Jitter patches were created to provide the different aesthetics - 2 of these using OpenGL to render graphics and 1 downsampling existing footage of videos and paintings. The effects were utilised with varying settings that reacted to the music as well as time based automatic modes with the end piece using upto 4 different layers of images at a time.
    Choreography: Ceyda Tanc Dance
    Filming/Editing: Doug Ellingford
    MAX/MSP: Asta Hiroki/LXM