Husserl2 Polyphonic Synthesizer Download

    Husserl2 Demo

    Husserl2: Quick Runthrough of Demo Snaps

    This is a zipfile download (7.6MB) of a MAX/MSP patch containing a 32-voice synthesizer with the entire audio path in gen~.
    • Main components: 32 voices (LRU voice allocator in gen code) 2 oscillators (antialiased pulse, antialiased saw/triangle, + 40 spline-interpolated wavesets, with phase mod, freq mod, ring mod, and gate/osc sync). '5d' SVF filter (variable Fc, resonance, 0/2/4 pole mix, LP/BP/HP mix, and saturation) Polyphonic/monophonic compressor and limiter Microtuning Graph display of filter settings, audio, and modulations
    • All parameters may be modulated from up to 35 modulation sources including: 3 ADSR envelopes (with graph control of velocity shaping). 3 LFOs (two polyphonic, with contour shaping, freq mod, and amp mod). Sample and Hold. XY pad to mix up to four modulation sources.
    • MIDI I/O: Note on/off, program change, NRPN pitch bend, and all 90 panel controls
    • Built-in interactive help showing wavesets, filter characteristics, microtuning tables, etc

    • Roman Thilenius
      Mar 26 2021 | 11:08 pm
      and no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike ...