Il Velo (The Veil)

    Il Velo

    The compositions of bodies and objects present in Il Velo (The Veil) are motionless actions. Perception is done by degrees, step-by-step, for tiny fragments, but every single vision excludes the previous; Only in the visual memory a total supposedly attempts to make way for a sense of completeness.
    In The Velo you can direct a visual bubble along the projected image. This visual bubble allows us to see a small portion of what is concealed under the veil, otherwise we vaguely perceive the presence, some contours, but of which we can not deduct the real form in any way.
    The whole remains an image of imagination, the union of points and fragments along a personal, intuitive, imaginative path. We will continue to give us an idea of ​​what we see, until the system will not reveal effectively the entire composition, tearing the veil and leaving the image visible for a few seconds before fading into nothingness.
    Il Velo Stefano Scarani and Julia Chiner Tangatamanu production