iLOOP 1

    It's a video clip where I expose a mega patch which is actually a mini DAW for electronic style music, that I designed and programmed completely in Max/MSP. I managed to get an individual and a unique sound, and to build and use some functions that I couldn't get in other commercial products such as creating random melodies or randomly shuffle textures and sounds etc. The music in this clip starts conservative but evolves into a climax. This is a very specific option from an Infinity of sounds, textures and combinations that I could compose any other day. You can download and check the patch as well as the bank of vocal sampling that it use, here
    Thanks (-: Zion

    • Nov 09 2020 | 8:17 pm
      Wow, so much detail, and I like your synth-craft, sounds are nicely polished, and seems like an instrument that offers great versatility. Excellent work!
    • Nov 09 2020 | 9:58 pm
      Really thank you for your words ‏and definitely accept your suggestions.. I was working hard on it for the last 2 years (-: Thanks again Zion