Improvisación en el Brazo de Orión [Orion's Arms Improvisation]

    For any combination of instruments, octophonic sound system and Max 7 patch. Any amount of performers must organize seven improvisational sessions, each one will be based on a given score, this score uses text-based as well as graphic and traditional notation. Each one of the seven sessions must be recorded monophonically, always using the same recorder and the same microphone/s and miking technics. At the same time the recording of the day before must be played on a sound system while performers are recording the new day, meaning that the new improvisation will be recorded and a reminiscence of the early sessions will be re-recorded by the microphone. This seven files, on concert day will be performed by a Max patch, a sound operator will be necessary to set up a sound system, start and stop the patch on the concert. Performers will play improvisatory material live on top of the seven sessions playback, following the indications given on the sheet Nro. 8 called “Here and Now”.

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