The artist creates a space as a mind's dream. His brain waves are controlling the code of a robotic composition to create an abstract space in the hotel room. He meditates on dreaming and the resulting changes of his brainwave frequencies will transform the code. By that he builds his artistic spaces – an abstract visual 3D world and sound scape. So his inner state, similar to a lucid dreaming mind, will be projected into the external physical world of the hotel room. Visitors are invited to take over the artists role of creating the space with their own dreaming minds.
    The interface technically reacts on raw dinamic of the nerosky mindwave sensor. The datastream is interpreted by the v4w.enko algorithms in 3d surf implementation and reparamentrisation with mindwave datastream. Sound is generated with changing frequency from 20 to 20000Hz according and scaled to raw mindwave nerosky datastream with synchronisation to v4w.enko algorithmic structure of mindwave reparametrisation.

    • Michael Fisher
      May 17 2017 | 1:40 pm
      that's amazing! what an imagination!