In vino vanitas

    Composition is closely related to the objects used to generate the sounds. Glasses and cups are not new in the musical field: the glass harmonica is an instrument that has been quite successful for a long time, and today it is still being found who plays this type of delicate crystalline sound generator. However, in this production it has been decided to dare to create something more complex and articulated, focused on the use of the timbre peculiarities of liquids within percussed and manipulated objects, or other elements of sound interference, such as marbles, or the re-creation of a pentatonic instrument reminiscent of Balinese Angbang.
    In this sense, the application of the electroacoustic medium results in an extension of the acous- tic instruments, becoming a meta-instrument capable of amplifying the original instrumental characteristics, distorting them, modifying them, always in connection with the interpretive action carried out by the percussionist.