Interactive Audio System - Puppet Master Delay

    Screenshot of hand gestural delay using Leap Motion
    Screenshot of hand gestural delay using Leap Motion

    The intentions were to create a user-centric design intended for live performance in Ableton, aimed at skilled users performing electronic, loop based music.  
    The infrared technology used in virtual reality tracking hardware such as Leap Motion became the tool of choice to program through “Max/MSP/Jitter environment which offers a broad range of objects for sound and video analysis/synthesis, and the benefit of creating standalone cross-platform applications” (Jensenius & Godoy, 2005).
    The aim was to program, map and scale gestures along the X, Y and Z axis (figure 2) in the hemispherical tracking area to express delays used by live performers. This introduced a new way to convey effects through abstract manipulation keeping loop based material changing into extended pieces. 

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