ITVL: The Semi Generative Step Sequencer

    ITVL does Piano trio

    After exploring algorithmic and generative composing for a while, I want to make an app that is intuitive and easy to use, fits for all kinds of music, increases the chance you come up with something you want and easy to change a single note, the result is ITVL (Interval). The entire program is built using Max, and almost everything of a step sequencer is redesigned for the unique dynamic system.
    You can use ITVL to host 2 VST plug-ins as standalone, sequence external hardware, or work with DAW and record everything down to midi.
    It is designed to generate organic melodies.
    Key features:
    32-step next generation dynamic sequencer
    4 independent linkable tracks
    4 separate midi out
    2 customizable scales
    1 chromatic scale
    each track has a mono mode and poly mode
    add variation to the pattern automatically
    split pattern and send to different midi channels
    midi control & sync
    standalone / host 2 VST plug-ins
    more video on Youtube channel

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