JEG, interactive installation in theatre play


    "JEG", means I in English. A theatre play for kids. It examines identity and the line where I starts and end. One of the actors is deaf, the other can hear. Both use sign-language. The voice is prerecorded voiceover.
    In the middle of the performance one actor brings in a wagon. On the wagon we can see 2 bass cones, lights and a microphone.
    With audio input from a microphone Max 7 uses the amplitude of the signal to control the intensity of the light level (via DMX) as well as controlling the vibration of 2 bass cones (input audio controls a LF sine wave). The actors are here liberated to control technology with their own voice/body/head, instead of being controlled by technology (which is very common). This interactive installation is great fun for the kids as well for the actors.

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