Kathodic Karma

    Edwin Lucchesi - Kathodic Karma

    This is an audiovisual work inspired by graphical work of Gianluca Lerici (alias Prof. Bad Trip), "Kathodic Karma". I used Jitter from Max/MSP to manipulate and generate visual with some old American commercial footage, using a lot Vsynth modules and Ableton Live to compose the entire piece.
    This is a my tribute to the visionary poetry of Prof Bad Trip.
    The spoken part, in the last part of the video, is based on the text inside Kathodic Karma, written by Anna Katodik. For non-Italian people who want to understand what it says, it could be translate in this way:
    "Anesthetize the reason and its predictability logic abjure the static laws of the know... freed from adulterated senses, the inhibitions dissolved the liberated thought will give birth to multiform universes... ...from temporal space limits diluted to excess certainties collapse, the crystallized reality is shattered the hibernated bodies are transmuted, the impossible becomes possible... in the heerness of kathodic karma."

    • Jan 22 2019 | 4:48 pm
      This is incredible! Love it, thank you for turning me on to Professor Bad Trip as well.