Korg nanoKontrol 2 for Max

    Connect your Korg nanoKontrol 2 to Max. Customize Output OSC, Midi. No additional externals required. Change button action (momentary / toggle) Some visual customizations available.
    • The Setup window allows for MIDI device selection, button reset, button action change (momentary/toggle), and OSC/UDP routing.
    • A few buttons on the nanoKontrol2 do not have LEDs behind them (refer to above images).
    • All OSC values are normalized [0.-1.] and MIDI values remain 0-127.
    • I used Abstraction style patching, so arguments are used to customize the OSC and MIDI routing. See images below.
    • For Sliders and Knobs, the first (and only) argument is the OSC-routing.
    • For Buttons, the first argument is the MIDI CC# and the second argument is the OSC-routing.