KORG Volca FM Editor Max4Live MIDI device

    This Max4Live MIDI device lets you control all parameters on your KORG Volca FM synthesiser via MIDI CC and MIDI SysEx (System Exclusive) messages.
    This editor uses the capabilities of the Unofficial FW v1.0.9 patch, that lets you edit individual SysEx parameters, without the need to send a dump of all parameters each time you modulate a single one.
    The required FW v1.0.9 firmware patch IS NOT AN OFFICIAL KORG RELEASE, FURTHERMORE, I DID NOT WRITE THE FW v1.0.9 PATCH! I have tested the unofficial FW patch on my hardware and it works like a charm, doesn't harm the synthesiser in any way. However, consider using the FW patch and my editor at your own risk!
    REMEMBER, if you desire to later go back to the previous (also included in pack) KORG OFFICIAL FW v1.0.7 patch, you can easily do it any time, as v1.0.9 is downgrade-able.
    Full a full description, version updates please visit device page on maxforlive dot com