La Sinfonía de Babel [Babel's Symphony]

    Nicolás Arnáez - La Sinfonía de Babel

    Quadraphonic sound installation, Max 7 patch.  At its core, the practice of creating sound installations as sonic art involves presenting and manipulating audio in a gallery-like setting. In this case the usage of pre-existing musical and literary phrases formulates the substantive basis for a non-interactive quadraphonic piece that challenges preconceptions of appropriation, citation, and plagiarism where it concerns composition. Inspired by the works Sinfonia by Luiciano Berio, and La Biblioteca de Babel by Jorge Luis Borges, La Sinfonía de Babel recontextualizes conventional ideas of musical narratives by combining excerpts of six hundred and forty looped musical works from different time periods, thus generating a thick and immersive cluster of audio controlled by a Max patch. Within this milieu, auditors are invited to sit and read Borges’ text whilst simulataneously identifying musical familiarities within the cluster, hence experiencing quoting on a multi-dimensional level.

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