LCM Twitter Machine

    The 'LCM Twitter Machine' | Synopsis

    The 'LCM Twitter Machine' is an interactive system which produces music based on collective input from a live audience.
    The setup comprises of a master Max-4-Live patch and several other smaller Max Patches hosted inside Ableton Live.
    The system pulls data from Twitter, parses it based on a command list, generates patterns of rhythm and melody based on Euclidean Rhythm, 1-D Cellular Automata and 2nd Order Markov Chains; converts this data into MIDI and control voltage to be passed on to a Modular Synthesizer, with the end user having realtime control over physical parameters. The users are also able to influence the triggering of ambience, effects and voice clips through use of the Live Object Model.

    • Aug 17 2016 | 10:21 am
      Dear Sanjay,
      We would like to perform LCM Twitter Machine at one of our New Music Collective concerts in November.
      Would it be possible for you to send us the patches and requirements?
      We'd make sure to send you a copy of the program. If you agree, we would need your bio for the program.
      Best wishes,
      Tom Wells Professor of Composition Director, Sound Synthesis Studios Area Head, Integrative Studies The Ohio State University School of Music