LeafyTracker - An open, versatile 10 lane tracker / data sequencer with an elegant and user friendly interface by Leafcutter John.
    • Easy patterstorage integration.
    • 24 pattern memories.
    • Up to 831 steps per pattern.
    • Navigation by mouse & arrow keys.
    • Steps can call internal functions
    • Comprehensive examples in the 'Tracker V1 8 5' patch.
    • Multiple methods of note and chord creation.
    • Chord memory with inversions.
    • Data rotation within one cell.
    • Various functions to manipulate columns & rows.
    • Conditional data (can be turned on and off).
    • Data recording.
    • MIDI step input.
    • Cut, copy, paste, replace, cut & shift, paste & shift, etc...
    • All data can be easily saved and recalled.
    • Channel mutes.
    • Custom headers & Header locking.
    • Rain simulator and Drum machine examples.
    • Advanced text focus settings
    • Global messaging.
    Requires Max 7.2 or later
    Thanks to James Holden for testing and development ideas!
    Have fun, John x.

    • Rod Stasick
      Jul 18 2018 | 7:45 pm
      I guess this is alright, but some of us are still waiting for the updated Forester app after over a decade. No matter what music or anything else he does, this is what I still think of when his name comes up.
    • jdt79's icon
      jdt79's icon
      Aug 02 2018 | 8:43 pm
      Woah! Thank you so much for creating this, and giving this to our community. That's really generous and awesome of you. Can't wait to put this to use!