LINES - Interactive Sound Art Exhibition

    LINES - an Interactive Sound Art Exhibition

    In LINES, Swedish composer Anders Lind explores lines as musical instruments. Lines attached to the wall, on the floor and hanging from the ceiling in combination with sensors and electronics are forming three novel music instruments. No musical experiences are required to perform, while the well-experienced musician or composer finds new musical challenges and opportunities with the instruments.
    Max/MSP was used to program the musical behaviors of the instruments. Each of the three instruments consists of (5-15) analog distance sensors connected to an arduino board on a mac mini with additional multiple output soundcard. A Maxuino addon translates the sensor signals through the arduino into the Max/MSP program. LINES is a piece of participatory art, which is best explored in groups, but could also be experienced on your own. The ambition with LINES is to explore new forms of musical interaction, new artistic expressions and to provide unique and inspiring musical experiences.