Lit Trance - A Max Experience

    Lit Trance - A Max/MSP Experience

    This includes a video edit of my partially randomly generated progressive down-tempo electronic song "Lit Trance", which was inspired by Bassnectar, ideas and samples were composed on Linux multimedia studio, and it was programmed and made with Max 7. I know it is not exactly trance but it is just the name and down-tempo electronic didn't fit for the visuals. I just used a lot of Urn and Counter objects for starters. I made my own samples and instrumentation, through it all into Max 7, and programmed it all to flow yet still be different every time. I wanted the beat to be steady yet random with a focus on the main flow. Hooked up all the button objects to make a sweet display and programmed a bunch of settings and then randomized and combined to mix it up. And yes buttons because I thought it would be fun to use buttons.