LiveGrain is a real-time audio granulator effect that features two independent buffers to record incoming audio and to play it back in a granular stream. Its structure allows for a wide array of uses, from the generation of short and rhythmic delay feedbacks, cloud-like reverbs, up to intense audio manipulations. The device features 9 adjustable parameters that affect each individual grain (Delay, Rate, Duration, Amplitude, Pan, Envelope, Reverse, Pitch, Filter), as well as a global audio modulation set (Volume, Feedback rate and Dry/Wet control). Live Grain is the first HIDE device that incorporates other HIDE device macros (like NEXT and Simmer) to widen the modulation possibilities: a readapted NEXT macro allows to control Pitch variations with an internal sequencer, while a Simmer macro allows to record parameter/dial automation directly, with only a few clicks.
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