Macchina Performativa 7

    The Macchina Performativa 7 is a logic system created as prototype for the realization of the chamber-opera “Patrick”. The system manages and generates real-time images through the capture of the bodies of the dancers. The images are processed relating them to other pre-recorded images and real-time effects (keying, feedback), and sincronized with the score.
    The logical system has been entirely developed with Max 7.
    Hardware: Microsoft Kinect, Apple MacBook Pro 9.1 (i7 4core)
    Chamber Opera
    in memory of Patricio Martínez
    Jorge Sastre / music
    Nuria Lloret / lyrics
    Bárbara Díaz, Dolma Jover / choreography, dance
    Stefano Scarani / realtime visual design
    Vicent Romero / tenor (Patrick)
    Josema Bustamante / baritono (John)
    Ensemble Col legno
    Robert Ferrer / conductor
    José Manuel Castro, Gonzalo Ranero, Sergio Ricard, Daniel Soriano (coordinator), Vitel S. A. / Technical support
    IV Congreso Nacional y I Internacional "La Investigación en la Danza", Valencia (spain)