MAES - Manual Actions Expressive System/Ruraq Maki

    Ruraq Maki (Hand Made, Hecho a Mano) for Digital Glove

    Manual Actions Expressive System (MAES) is a MAX environment that enables music creation and performance using natural hand actions (e.g. hitting virtual objects, shaking them, etc.). Gestures are fully programmable and result from tracking and analysing hand motion and finger bend, potentially allowing performers to concentrate on natural actions from our daily use of the hands. It is designed to work with the P5 Glove and has been used to create music for this device (see However, it can also be used without a controller, offering a standard graphic interface for real time control of synthesis and processing. Furthermore, the MAX external that communicates with the P5 glove can be easily replaced by any other external or subpatch that provides all or part of the corresponding data (position X,Y,Z; orientation X,Y,Z; velocity X,Y,Z and individual finger bend), with relatively little effort (see the Technical Appendix at the end of the user guide).