Markov Melodic Sequencer

    Markov melody generator

    This is a Max4live device that follows a basic machine learning concept using Markov chains to generate a new sequence of notes based on input.
    The device generates using 5 notes, and while a random mix of notes can be inputted, a chord works best for the most harmonic connection.
    The device features a sequencer that has trigger and velocity controls, which can be extended to 64 steps or shortened to polyrhythmic measures.
    The user can add a groove to the sequence and change the duration of notes.
    The user can transpose each received note by an octave, down or up.
    The user has the option to generate new notes based on a chosen scale and mode. They can decide how far the sequence develops, and in what manner the sequencer does this.
    There is a variety of probability options that will render different results for each option.
    To download this device click here.
    This patch utilizes the Ml.* package by Benjamin D. Smith, his page can be found here.