MATTER Julien Bayle & Sebastian Sarti

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    MATTER live act merges sounds & visuals textures into a dense continuum.
    MATTER's sound is based only on modular synthesizers system driven by Julien Bayle 6 channels are feeding a Max7 patch providing deep level of ambisonic spatialization based on HOA library.
    MATTER's visuals system is based on a database of subtle footages made using macrophotography and other tricks by Sebastian Sarti. Another Max7 patch provides a way to play videos in any orders, looping them with custom specific loop points on the fly, reverse direction, changing playing rate and flipping orientation too.
    MATTER provides a whole system for improvisation with high degrees of freedom for both artists. Indeed, the Max7's visuals patch is linked to the modular system itself using Expert Sleepers' ES8 eurorack module. Each system are sharing data and synchronization on the fly during the performance and influences each other.