Max Firmata

    Max Firmata is Firmata Client for Max/MSP. Max Firmata supports most of features of Firmata protocol. Up to 4 software and 4 hardware UART, 1 I2C, 5 Encoder, 6 Stepper. Also Servos, Digital and Analog IO, PWM Output and so.

    • May 17 2017 | 5:21 pm
      Thank you.
      p.s.: It would be great to have a package format of that.
    • May 18 2017 | 6:15 pm
      @MP there is a mxf file for windows x64. If you have different version (Mac OS X or Win x86) you can create mxf file. Open source/maxfirmata25.maxpat - press file/build collective and save mxf file. It's included everything in source dir on one file. If you build Mac or Win x86 mxf file please send mxf file to me. I can add it to github page :)