Max for Live *perc — Percussion Synth

    Max for Live *perc -- Percussion Synth

    *perc is a percussion synthesizer which generates its sounds by sending short impulses of noise to a resonator. This resonator has been built from a delay line in combination with several allpass filters, the signal will be additionally sent through a comb filter emphasizing the characteristic sound.
    Continuously shaping the sound by different parameters will result in harmonically rich, tonal but still noisy percussive sounds, depending on the individual settings. It is possible to shape the sound on two different channels (left+right) to achieve a simple spatial distribution.
    Furthermore it is possible to put some additional reverb on the sounds to create some reverberation tails which can be recorded within the device to obtain a noisy pad sound that can be played polyphonically after the generation process.
    credits: Patrik Lechner ("Multimedia Programming using Max/MSP and TouchDesigner"), Tom Erbe, Randy Jones (modified [yafr 2]-macro)

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