Maxwell - Laser Synth & Abstract Generator

    Duologue: Push It (∆T∆Tik∆ Remix) - Laser Abstract Show

    Maxwell is the world's first cross-plaftorm software laser synth and real-time abstract generator for both Mac and PC that allows direct control over a laser projector. Connect to an Ether Dream ethernet DAC, LaserDock USB interface, or LaserDock projector for awesome laser light-shows - or select the pop-out OpenGL preview window for use with a video projector setup. Control using a mouse or MIDI controller (Built-in support for preset playback using scene buttons on APC 40).
    Maxwell has the following features:
    • 6 independent oscillators broken up into 2 discrete 3D waveform generators
    • Separate preview window for use in Video Projector/VJ setups
    • Record to ILDA file
    • MIDI Controller support with fully integrated MIDI learn capability
    Maxwell makes extensive use of jitter, Max's javascript engine, Live UI elements, and the awesome developer SDK