MC Utilities Package

    This package contains 9 abstractions that are useful with MC in Max 8. Download: All objects include helpfiles with small examples or explanation.
    • th.mcToMatrix~: Write an mc-signal to a jit.matrix (1d).
    • th.mcFromMatrix~: Read an mc-signal from a jit.matrix (1d).
    • th.mcScramble~: Scramble the channel order of a multi-channel signal. Similar to zl.scramble. Set ramptime for crossfade between scrambles.
    • th.mcIndexmap~: Change the order of channels based on a list of values, similar to zl.indexmap. Set ramp time for crossfade.
    • th.mcRot~: Rotate the order of channels in positive or negative direction. Similar to zl.rot. Example rotates through 6 cycles, only listening to the first 2 on Left and Right speaker.
    • th.mcRev~: Reverse the channel order of an mc. Similar to zl.rev.
    • th.mcMth~ / th.mcNth~: Output the mth or nth channel from an mc. Similar to zl.nth/mth.
    • th.mcChannelcount~: Returns the channelcount of an mc as a signal instead of integer.

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      Ah man thanks!!! It's like you read my mind, very much needed!