MDL12 Max for Live - Space-Time modem for VLF

    Tutorial: Compositor Software MDL12 Max for Live for Techno Music Production

    MDL12 Max for Live device is suitable for Techno Music. You can receive basslines, special FX sounds, and percussion in return of Compositor Software feeders and other feeding sources like track or loop sounds. Just submit an information to MDL12 Max for Live audio effect with play button on to hear it processing the output, then press stop button to hear the feedback. Use Ableton Live tempo control to tune into different channels of modem to hear other feedback sources.
    Technical info:
    MDL12 space-time software modem has three levels of operation in real-time, which is sufficient for running a system on the discretization frequencies available for voice communications. MDL12 space-time software modem uses synchronous analysis of non-harmonic timbre and realizes timbre autocorrection system with bell-shaped transfer function. MDL12 achieves lower resource consumption by using x2048 oversampling with FM based function. It's system work with window buffer size of 4096 samples.