MetroKit 2

    MetroKit 2 is a metronome with a variety of features to satisfy musicians on any level, from beginners to experts.
    Some of the features:
    - The application is designed to be quite flexible allowing the user to add a number of sub-beats to any beat of the rhythm, e.g. on a 11 / 8 (yes, it can play that!) every 8th can by split up-to 9 sub-divs independently and accented independently, and supports time signatures from 1/1 to 32/32 with changeable basic tempo note. Bpm can have any note base from whole notes to 32nd triplets.
    - From the standard "speed training" with advancing or decreasing (why not?) bpm, MetroKit introduces a "rhythm trainer" which toggles the beat on and off after every specified amount of bars, to force the musician to keep in rhythm.
    - A new and basic MetroKit 2 feature is the "Track Mode". In that mode the musician can set a number of "tempo - time sig - bars - accents" sets to play in succession and loop the whole "track" for "progressive" type exercises.