music for 0​.​∞ musicians, vol. 1

    Music For 0.∞ Musicians

    music for 0​.​∞ musicians is a series of algorithmic compositional structures intended to be used for real-time improvisation of through-composed multi-part chamber music. The current iteration will be the simplest. Future iterations will draw some ideas from this version, and discard other ideas.
    The algorithm is created in Max for control by a Snyderphonics Manta. Instead of having each touchplate mapped to a particular note, each row of plates controls an independent instrument, and all instruments draw from the same pool of notes for melodic material. Playing multiple plates results in harmonic juxtapositions. This layout removes the possibility of "wrong" notes, allowing me to focus entirely on arrangement, phrasing, rhythm and dynamics during performance.
    In addition to the EP of recordings of this algorithm, I have created a short video explaining how it works in practice.