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    Installation & AV Performance
    What is non-choclear sound?
    They are the first words of a famous article, "On the non-cochlearity of sounds themselves", where Dr. Malcolm Riddoch describes this kind of perceptual phenomenon. In summary, it refers at stimuli that affect, in part or completely, auditory perception without acoustic phenomena.
    But where has this argument taken us?
    That is, how this content can affect the art world, and, in this case, the music world?
    If the sound, as sensation, can result from non-audible stimuli, even music, meaning the weighted order of sounds in time, it can be composed, entirely or partially, from non-cochlear stimuli.
    This work is a musical composition, where music contents are split around different perceptual planes. This means that a single information, the music, is understood only merging the information coming from all senses: acoustic, visual and tactile.
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