On Radioactive Music - Chapter 1: Ray of Light MCA

    On radioactive music 1: Ray of Light MCA/s

    We want to extend our perceptions to the most intimate parts of the cosmos, so that with our experiments, we become listeners of the perpetual act of transformation of nature. Ray of Light MCA/S Ray of Light MCA/S is a software multichannel analyser/synthesizer for the sonification of X and Gamma Rays. The software works with a gamma spectrometry system made by a 1.5" NaI(Tl) Scintillator and a spectrometer driver. The system can discriminate the photons' energies (something that geiger counters can't do), and analyse the patterns of radioactivity generated by different nuclear reactions. Max8 was used to create a realtime MCA with integrated syntheziser and includes: 1) A pulse recognition algorithm 2) A special FFT for the analysis of the pulse heights (PHA analysis) 3) 512 realtime oscillators 4) Reverb, EQ and Delay Channels 5) 3 looping samplers for further sound processing The project s part of my DATAMI A.i.R. Residence 2019 at the JRC-Ispra.