Oopsy: Daisy from gen~

    Oopsy: Daisy from gen~ in Max/MSP

    Oopsy is a way to embed the precise flexibility of gen~ into the hands-on flexibility and performative happy accidents of modular analog and digital hardware, using Daisy-enabled devices (https://www.electro-smith.com/daisy).
    I got excited about Daisy hardware when I heard about the kickstarter, and backed it immediately, as I'm really fascinated by the possibility of putting the capacities of digital signal processing and control in gen~ (from microtemporal scheduling to single-sample feedback loops), into the midst of modular analog and digital hardware. The folks at Electrosmith kindly sent me some other Daisy hardware, and in spare moments over the past months I put together this Oopsy package to streamline the mapping of gen~ to the Daisy hardware. It's now open sourced on the ElectoSmith Github (https://github.com/electro-smith/oopsy), and I'll be continuing to add more features, hardware support (e.g. Noise Engineering's Versio), examples, etc.