Perfect Interval Solver

    Perfect Interval Solver is an additive synthesizer that allows you to play any music in perfectly ratioed intervals (Pure Temperament) regardless of key changes. The device uses a dynamic tuning algorithm to tune the instrument in real-time based on the context of what you play. Additionally, the additive synthesizer allows you to change the tone, ADSR, and amplitude of up to 15 overtones from the harmonic series. Giving you endless tonal possibilities either to simulate actual physical instruments or create completely unique tones.
    The device can be downloaded as a Max for Live device, or as standalone application.
    Learn more at the project website.
    Trailer: (The Bach played in the background is in Pure Temperament) This project is actually my first project in Max Msp/M4L, I recorded my entire process of learning and developing in Max into this timelapse.
    Tonal Comparison between Equal and Pure Temperament produced by this device: