Pick-up Tracks

    Max Patcher
    In Max, select New From Clipboard.
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    Pick-up Tracks can be used in two ways:
    It can be used to create songs from scratch. By picking a musical phrase from any instrument track and using it as a seed to build a structure from, the user can compose accordingly. They can either search for more phrases on the program to complement the seed, or they could make up new phrases to go with it, also recording those in the process to add to the catalogue.
    It can also be used to grab ideas to add to songs that are in the process of being written. For musicians who get stuck conjuring a hook or any musical phrase, this program provides a brainstorm of ideas that the musician has already pre-recorded. Instead of forgetting ideas, or having to scour deeply just to find them, they can open it up accordingly from well-organised and specified categories.