Plumbutter + Monome


    Max was used for the entire software side(to track the analog clock signal so that timing(albeit somewhat unsteady due to the nature of analog synths) could be synced accurately between the worlds of digital and analog: granular time-stretch samplers were synced in periodicity and stretch, lfos controlling effects were also synced, and one-shot samplers were quantized, all according to the same analog clock).
    The idea was simply to create a tool which could be used to find more cohesion in performance, music composition, and improvisation, between the two worlds of analog synths and digital signal processing.
    But instead of controlling/syncing the analog synth via the comp(for example, by using BEAP or something similar), i thought it would be more interesting to sync the computer to the analog clock since this is not as often a common practice and seems to involve much more risk(since analog clocks aren't as steady as digital ones).