'Probably' is a series of Max For Live devices that explore the application of probabilistic control over music generation.
    ProbablyS is a monophonic 16-step sequencer. It provides live, real-time independent grid-based control of pitch, octave, velocity, length, probability, and time-remapping of note events. A single white cell in a grid column always causes that parameter to affect the note output at that time, whereas two white cells in a column will cause each of the two blues to happen approximately half of the time. Three white cells, 33%, etc.
    The generated notes are polyphonic, and so legato notes can be output. The 'time-remapping' grid also allows the step order to be changed dynamically and probabilistically. User memories are controlled by a grid - so several sequences could be set up in memory slots, and the choice between which memory slot is active at any time can be controlled using the same multiple 'white'-cell interface as all the other parameters.