Lost Angel

    All programming was done in Max/MSP/Jitter with added externals from the SoftVNS library. Motion tracking in combination with prerecorded film sequences and sound creates the illusion of a transforming mirror image.

    • Kelebogile
      Apr 16 2013 | 3:47 am
      Good day, I trust that you are well
      I am a 4th year student at the WITS school of art, studying digital arts.
      I am interested in this project, if you could assist me in anyway possible with regards to understanding how it works and how I could play around with it, I would greatly appreciate it.
      I believe that it could add to my idea for my exam project which has to do with performance, interaction and movement. I should use Jitter, MSP, drawing and sound
      Kind regards, Kelebogile