Project 36: Phil Gerus Music

    Author: Phil GerusProject Date: CurrentMoscowPhil Gerus, born in 1989, Moscow resident. Presently a piano student at Ippolitov-Ivanov college. Started piano practicing in his family jazz trio which transformed later into a duo of which he is a member currently. In his piano studies takes a special interest of Scriabin, Rachmaninov, Ravel, Chopin’s legacy. Plays regular recitals of the above mentioned authors. Phil Gerus simultaneously tries his hand at experimental electronic music. The first interest in experimental electronic emerged after acquisition of a lap-top. He got fascinated by programming funk techno grooves, widely exploring Reaktor and Max/Msp. In his tracks Phil occasionally uses his own vocing. His creative approach to composing is marked by live performance as well as individual choice of software. He tends to incorporate piano playing into his tracks using granular synthesizing. His musical ambition has always been to put forward improvisation as the core unit of his live performances.Learn More About This Project