Density {Mac/Win Granular Synthesis}

    Density sequencer programming and performance 01

    Density is a new interactive real-time program for asynchronous granular synthesis sound file granulation, to generate a wide range of effects: time/pitch shifting, pitch disintegration, time jittering, sound pulverizer, scrub pad exploration, dynamic envelope drawing etc… Interpolation- transitions and Hyper Vectorials pads, provide a powerful way to generate incredible sound objects. All parameters are controllable via MIDI learning/rescale.1.1.5 Update: add MP3 support – add snd-files/LIVE buffers consolidate (copy buffers in the prj folder) – add autopopulate soundfiles folder – add global presets, menage all Density widgets together – add dynamic snapshots allocation (until over 100 snaps) – add panning time sync – add project sampling rate saving – add snapshots consecutive renumber list – add snapshots call/rename/scrub window – add global transport time – add snapshots sequencer rhythms improviser unit – add windowing draw bipolar view – add windowing new resolution speed limit for curve/gauss deformation – add extra precision MIDI pitch bend values scrub fine control – add windowing deformation shape MIDI/OSC – add clue windows, report widgets information under the mouse – LIVE integrate in stream window – LIVE now save own parameters in the project – LIVE some other bugs fixed – now streams/windowing menùs, shows file name – windowing/streams normalize bug fixed – defaults_params/defaults_all, bug fixed – improved project load/save, more fast and flexible – un/subsribe clients transitions, now saved in the project – removed the useless ones oscilloscope/spectralscope and sonogram

    • Rich Meyer
      Dec 03 2014 | 9:37 pm
      this looks great!