Quantum is a standalone four track sampler that was built entirely with Max. It includes individual per-track sequencers, modulation matrix, midi mapping and recorder, that can be used either as a sound design tool or as autonomous instrument for live performances. Quantum was made in collaboration with Pavel Milyakov,
    who is responsible for the idea of the project. Quantum has massive use in his production.
    • upload the whole folder of samples and manipulate each one individually
    • up to 50 warping points with randomization
    • effects rack includes fir lattice reverb, stereo delay, low/highpass filters
    • 4 lfos to modulate almost every parameter via modulation matrix
    • 32 step sequencer for each sampler
    • per-track recorder to .wav/.aiff formats
    • midi/keyboard mapping
    • day/night ui mode
    • sample pack by buttechno is included (virus,tr-808,sy-1m)

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