Quickly Photographed and Released Unharmed Collection of Audiovisual Works

    Fragments Of Here (excerpt)

    With Every Tear a Dream (excerpt)

    Quickly Photographed And Released Unharmed (excerpt)

    This collection of generative audiovisual artworks is part of an ongoing research into the non-representational use of screens. The collection reflects on our visually overstimulated environment. I seek to create a direct experience with light and sound, using the screen as a medium rather than a representational canvas. The screen becomes a light source, inducing afterimages in the vision of the viewer through rapid successions of light and colour.
    The artworks carefully deploy light as a medium; afterimages from previous frames are superimposed over newer frames in the vision of the viewer. This optical layering means that light patterns perceived by the eye and brain complement to the visual material currently presented on screen. By exploiting the neural mechanisms underlying visual perception the viewer becomes an integral part of the artwork, simultaneously the observer and the creator.
    Software developed w/ Max. Sound created w/ Max for Live.
    Artworks available on Sedition.