Retinue (a Step by Step description of making a recording)

    What started out as a book called Step by Step turned into a recording project.
    I began with a big, messy idea for a recording I was going to do for my friends at Palace of Lights, but it was interrupted by a more pressing task for my day job: writing a book showing how Max programmers think of larger projects and develop them.
    So I started tinkering and writing a whole bunch of step sequencer patches. Every so often, I would take the Max patches for the book, wire them together, route their output to vst~ -hosted softsynths, turn the thing on and let it run, tweaking it as it ran - the soundtrack to my end-of-the-evening glass of something.
    That magisterial recording project I started on? It ran aground. The book? It turned out pretty well (I hope). And those little entertainments (pruned and polished)? They became a recording - Retinue.
    Please feel free to try working out which patches from Step by Step are being used for each of the pieces - if you figure it out, let me know.